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Blaupunkt expands 2020 range with innovative Kitchen Appliances

Blaupunkt expands 2020 range with innovative Kitchen Appliances

A new range of high-quality kitchen appliances now available in Australia.


New Kitchen Appliances

German licensee HK Appliances (a subsidiary of Haecker Kitchen, a EUR$600M+ kitchen builder based in Germany) have released a range of innovative and high quality kitchen appliance products in Australia.

A couple of the notable introductions from the range that will be specifically developed for Australia include;

  • 5KD94190 Combination Steam Cooker; it is an oven, microwave and steamer all in one.

  • 5IX99290AU Stand-alone hob, combination induction cooker with integrated extractor fan

These will be made available for sale in locations in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

“We are looking forward to introducing the BLAUPUNKT products into Australia. It is a natural fit to our kitchen manufacturing business. In many regions, we exclusively sell BLAUPUNKT appliances as a part of our high-quality kitchens. We cannot tarnish our pristine 70-year business reputation, this is why we develop and manufacture our appliances with experienced market-leading a-class brands and only use world-class manufacturers. What we like about BLAUPUNKT’s approach is they are very specific when it comes to selecting new licensees for each region, with careful attention paid to quality control. As we are holding the license rights for nearly the entire world, this fact is indispensable for our business to be successful and for those products to compliment the high standards we set for our kitchens.” Olaf Thuleweith, CEO of HK Appliances.

An expanding Australian footprint

This expands BLAUPUNKT’s existing Australian footprint with products already sold in Car Audio, Home Audio and Television categories. These are all managed via the Global Brand Community program with over 100,000 units of BLAUPUNKT branded domestic appliances sold across 17 countries around the world in 2019.

BLAUPUNKT is heavily involved in the selection of licensees and also the locations used for manufacturing and production, in fact, many of the locations are former BLAUPUNKT factories and ones used by other large European brands.

“We have seen lots of success in Australia over the years and now we expand from car products, living room products into the most important room of the house, the kitchen.

A major factor of success in the licensing approach is the selective nomination and strict control of new licensees to develop a favorable brand reputation and visibility. All licensees, no matter what their intentions, must be suitable for our brand profile. Otherwise, we reject their application.

Haecker has been one of our partners for many years and built an incredible reputation in their space. We know they will ensure they deliver quality products under the BLAUPUNKT brand to compliment their incredible kitchen designs.

We know that by being so selective, we eliminate the possibility that one licensee can negatively interfere with another, but more importunately consumers receive amazingproducts created by specialists in their niche.”

Andrzej Cebrat, Managing Director of the BLAUPUNKT Global Brand Community.

“I’m very proud to see our brand enter new categories in Australia. We have had great success with the car audio products over many years. Ayonz Pty Ltd have also made some incredible in roads with our range of small audio products and then the introduction of the new Android TV Range earlier this year.

So now we will have BLAUPUNKT products available for your car, your living room and your kitchen that are created from separate specialists that will conform to our global program requirements.

Best of all, we get to draw on our relationships around the world with some of the largest manufacturing and production locations available, with many used by global brand names.”

Norman Pralow, Official Brand and Marketing Consultant, GIP Development SARL

More info:

Blaupunkt - please visit

Blaupunkt Licensing -


BLAUPUNKT was launched with the advent of headphones produced in Berlin, Germany featuring the “blue dot” stamp of quality. The BLAUPUNKT brand was officially born when it was trademarked in 1924.

The BLAUPUNKT brand went global through the manufacturing and distribution of radios, car radio products, consumer electronics, and professional equipment for sound and video studios through 1996. After a brief 14-year hiatus to focus entirely on car audio and multimedia sets, the expansion into broader consumer hard and soft goods was initiated through the launch of the BLAUPUNKT Global Brand Community in 2010.

Fast forward to 2020, the BLAUPUNKT brand remains anchored by sensibly priced high-quality products and consumer experiences driven by a community of 40 carefully selected licensing partners around the globe, called the BLAUPUNKT Global Brand Community.

Each SKU launched by the licensees is checked, monitored, and approved by the brand owner GIP Development SARL, Luxembourg.

About HK-Appliaces:

The kitchen is the centre of modern living. Next to choosing the right kitchen manufacturer, long-term satisfaction with the choice of electric appliances is crucial. HK Appliances, therefore, exclusively offers appliances by high quality brand manufacturers. Together with the kitchen trade, we enable the customer to perfect their individual dream kitchen with innovative appliances. HK Appliances GmbH is established in 2014 in Rödinghausen.

About Car Radio Range:

The first car radio worldwide was launched by BLAUPUNKT in 1932. By

1959 BLAUPUNKT had delivered it’s 1 millionth car radio and by 1996 had a full range of consumer electronics and car multimedia was successfully distributed in more than 50 countries About

Ayonz Pty Ltd:

Established in 2016, Ayonz Pty Ltd distributes a broad range of home appliances and consumer electronics products. The Ayonz team, led by Ziad Yaacoub, has an acute focus on the consumer retail marketplace to offer brand strategy, logistics and supply chain solutions to a number of local or overseas brands. Ziad and his team have over 20 years’ experience working with various partners internationally.



GIP Development (brand owner)

Norman Pralow - Official Brand and Marketing Consultant

GIP Development SARL, Luxembourg



Olaf Thuleweith - CEO HK Appliances GmbH

Auf der Drift 36 | 32289 Rödinghausen, Germany




Batu Caves, Selangor D.E., Malaysia


No 11, Jalan DBP 1, Dolomite Business Park, 68100


AYONZ Pty Ltd (Audio / TV)

Ziad Yaacoub - Sales Director

Unit 40/11-21 Underwood Road, Homebush, 2140,

NSW, Australia


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