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EKO 75" 4K Ultra HD Smart TV powered by webOS

Launched just in time for the November 2020 Black Friday sales, Ayonz released their first Smart TV powered by the slick looking webOS TV interface.

Under the EKO brand, synonymous for delivering innovative technology at a fair price, Ayonz went well beyond expectations by offering the product to the Australia market exclusively through Big W. The offer lead the charge to keen bargain hunters with an exceptional value Smart TV in the extremely competitive marketplace.

The EKO 75" 4K Ultra HD Smart TV powered by webOS TV is the first in a range of new products to offer the easy to use advanced user interface.

Ayonz has since scaled up production and is now producing a range of webOS TVs, under a variety of brands, out of factories in Poland and China for Australia, across Europe and throughout the Middle East.

EKO K750USN 75" 4K Ultra HD Smart TV powered by webOS TV

The Web OS Difference

At first glance users will notice that Web OS has a more minimalistic interface than others and features a ribbon-like customisable launch bar at the bottom of the screen. It gives you access to all the apps, settings, and other features of the TV.

As you scroll through the options in the launch bar, cards pop up above it corresponding to each app. For instance, when you highlight the Netflix App in the launch bar, an additional row of cards pops up above it showing show suggestions for your account.

Unlike Android TV, where you need to close an app and go to the home screen to open another one, the launch bar on Web OS can be brought up without exiting an app that’s already open. So, in terms of ease of app switching, Web OS definitely has the upper hand.

An easier way to access these great features

Already boasting the many advanced features customers have come to expect, the addition of webOS TV gives this Smart TV a slick user experience normally associated with other long established legacy brands.

Features and benefits of the EKO 75" 4K Ultra HD webOS™ TV include;

  • 4K Ultra HD Resolution - an amazing viewing experience with incredibly picture quality.

  • 1.07 Billion Colours – an astounding 1,024 shades of each primary colour to deliver incredible picture quality and details.

  • Powered by webOS TV

  • Content Store for App Downloads - with the webOS Content Store you can...

  • Netflix, YouTube, Stan, Foxtel, Amazon Prime Video, Optus Sport, ABC iView, 9now, SBS On Demand – available via download from the webOS Content Store

  • HDR (High Dynamic Range) - delivering fine details and superior colour accuracy.

All New Smart TV

Experience a whole new world of entertainment with our new Smart TV powered by LG's webOS TV interface.

Content Store

Have access to hundreds of applications ready to download and install on your EKO Smart TV.


A simple to use TV EPG (electronic program guide) to view, schedule and record your favourite DTV channels.

Home Dashboard

This enables you to manage all your connected devices such as external speakers via Bluetooth, Inputs from gaming consoles and media players or manage other ThinQ AI connected devices within the Home IoT Devices section.

Powered by ThinQ AI

ThinQ AI changes the way you watch TV.

With a simple voice request ThinQ AI can make suggestions for movies, TV shows or music. or provide updates about today's weather.

*ThinQ AI only available with Magic Remotes sold separately.


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