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New Android TV 10.0 for our latest Smart TVs

A range of our latest Smart TVs now include an improved version of Google's Android TV operating system. Version 10 of Android TV™ includes a range of enhancements that may not be obvious to users, but will certainly benefit them.

There are six main changes in the areas of “Security,” “Media & Graphics,” “Dynamic Partitions,” “Energy Consumption,” “Privacy,” and “Performance & Update-ability.”

An improvement in “memory management” provides an ability for Android TV users to do more at the same, thanks to the OS’s ability to recall more at the same time. Technically, this even applies to when the device is asleep thanks to the power saving improvements Android 10 is also bringing.

There are various security and privacy improvements including general storage encryption, but specifically there has been an improvement to the efficiency of storage encryption overall.

What is possibly the most useful feature that users will see in action is the support for AV1. While this yet another video codec, it is one expected to make quite the splash in the future. In many ways, AV1 is seen as the natural replacement for VP9.

While support for AV1 is still in the early stages, it is a part of Android 10 and the general consensus is it will result in greater compression without compromising on video quality. In other words, AV1 is designed to offer high quality video while using less bandwidth.

Needless to say, that’s something which will specifically benefit a video-centric platform, such as Android TV.

Pricing & models

Model Number Size Price Link

K55USG 55” 4K Ultra HD $699 Visit Page

K75USG 75” 4K Ultra HD $999 Visit Page

Available at BIG W.

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